• ①GMF4027LX five-axis gantry machining center was exported to Germany, and new breakthrough has been made in five-axis technology.
②Set up Chelsea Robot Automation (Nantong) Co., Ltd., maily in the prouduction of automation equipment, CNC automation production line.
    Nunc machining ①GMF4027LX quinque-axis in media Germania exportatum, et in novum breakthrough est quinque-axis technology. Kessinger ②Set in robot Adding Automation (Nantong) Co, Ltd, maily prouduction in apparatu de Automation, cnc Automation productio linea.
  • For share reform and public listing, it was renamed Nantong Guosheng Intelligence Technology Group Co., Ltd.
Set up Investa (Jiangsu) Machine Tools Co., Ltd. CMC lathe was added to the product line.
    Participes enim publica reformationem et album, id est renamed Nantong Guosheng intelligenti Technology Group Co, Ltd est Set Investa (Jiangsu) Tools Machina Co., Ltd. productum ad lineam CM C filo soluto circumuoluat addita.
  • Introduced technology from Taiwan, set up Jiangsu Dawei Precision Technology Co., Ltd., and horizontal boring-milling machine was added to the product line.
For the first time, it was awarded one of
    Technica Taiwan introducta ab erige Epi Dawei Subtilitas Lorem Co, Ltd, machina adposita horizonti teredo milling productum linea. Ad primum consideratum fuit unus ex "Top de XXX conatibus in Sinis scriptor Machina Industry Mors Principium".
  • The first batch of 4S stores of Guosheng Group was established.
    Group Guosheng primas 4s apparatus fuisset.
  • Listed as the governing unit of China Machine Tool Industry Association, entered the comprehensive development stage regarding independent branding of CNC machine tools as the core business.
    Sicut unitas enumerantur regendi Sinis Machina Mors at Consociationis, ingressus est comprehensive de scaena progressionem ut core negotii sui iuris tiones cnc apparatus instrumenta.
  • Nantong Guosheng Precision Metalmaking Co., Ltd. was relocated to Tongzhou, and renamed Nantong Guosheng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
    Nantong Guosheng Subtilitas Metalmaking Co, Ltd collocaverunt ad Tongzhou et renamed Nantong Guosheng Subtilitas Machinery Co, Ltd
  • Entered the manufacturing field of machining center optical machines, and realized the preliminary development of CNC machine tool business.
    Ingressus est media faciens agro machining optical machinis diminutionem et intellegens verisimilem ha- beat de cnc apparatus tool negotium progressionem.
  • Based on industrial chain extension, set up Nantong Guosheng Foundry Co., Ltd., produce castings independently. (In 2018, Guosheng Foundry was renamed Nantong Guosheng Machine Components Co., Ltd.)
    Ex odio torquem extensio, eriges Nantong Guosheng aliquet pretium Co, Ltd, castings producere nocet. (In MMXVIII: Guosheng lacinia aliquet pretium erat renamed Nantong Guosheng Machina Co, Ltd)
  • Guosheng's first EDM machine tool appeared at the Shanghai International Machine Tool Exhibition.
    Guosheng norma apparatus tool primus apparuit in Shanghai Machina Mors Principium International Exhibition.
  • Guosheng Precision Metal-making Factory was established to be involved in the business field of precision metal sheet welding and enabled Guosheng to pursue perfection and ultimate ingenuity.
    Subtilitas Guosheng metalla faciens roboratum factory metalli linteum certa regione negotiis implicari glutino ultimam perfectionem assequi queat Guosheng ingenio.